Energy Management

We believe in an alignment of our business practices with the principles of Sustainable Growth.   JBG SMITH is committed to integrating responsible project development with high performance operations.

Energy management strategies can be incorporated to lower your business's energy usage and can improve occupant comfort. 


Consider implementing the following No/Low Cost Solutions:

During hot months, close window blinds to reduce cooling needs. 
During colder months, open window blinds to let sunlight heat the space.
Train staff to turn off/unplug electronics including lights and appliances when not in use.
Utilize power-saving settings on your electronic devices.
Monitor supplemental air conditioning units and refrigerators for leaks. 

Consider implementing the following Moderate Cost Solutions:

$$ Use advanced power strips (with occupancy sensors, automatic peripheral shutoff, etc.)
$$ Replace old inefficient refrigerators and dishwashers with newer ENERGY STAR® certified appliances.
$$$  Install occupancy sensors in all non-regularly occupied spaces including file rooms, pantries, corridors, and bathrooms.
$$$ Communicate with Property Management team about installing programmable thermostats to limit cooling and heating needs to save energy and money.

Note: If you are located within the District of Columbia, contact the DCSEU who can provide technical assistance and rebates to offset the cost of energy management projects. 

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